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Vibodh Gupta Conferred With Bharat Jyoti Award at IIC New Delhi

Felicitated at India International Centre for Lifetime Achievements.The world famous India International Friendship Society has chosen BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta for the prestigious Bharat Jyoti Award. The award was conferred to MLC Vibodh Gupta at a impressive function organised at the Auditorium of the India International Centre at Lodhi Estate New Delhi. The award was given to him for his lifetime services to various section of the society. While reading the citation about the achievements of Vibodh Gupta Gurpreet Singh, Secretary General of the society termed MLC Vibodh as a man of action. He said that society is recognising the great services of MLC Vibodh towards poor and marginalised during his life time. He rose from a humble background and worked hard to win the hearts and minds of the people in the border belt of Pir Panjal. His recent role in the state legislative assembly was also recognised, wherein he always leaves no stone unturned to raise the issues related to common man and tries his level best to get them resolved. On this occasion 50 leading personalities from across India were awared in various award categories. In his acceptance speech MLC Vibodh thanked the society for this rare honour and put forth his various ideas before the august gathering on how to strengthen the peace and economic development initiatives in the border belt of Pir Panjal.

India international Friendship Society is a voluntary organization established to forge greater unity and integrity among the people of Indian origin living anywhere in the world. The society also aims to enhance India’s broad relationship and forge greater friendship and cooperation with all the countries on the globe, irrespective of small or big, developed, developing or underdeveloped. The prominent persons who were present at the award ceremony included former Governor of Punjab Shiv Raj Patil, Former Election Commissioner of India GVG Krishna Murti, J&K Health & Medical Education Minister Bali Bhagat and prominent personalities from across India