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BJP ST Morcha jubilant over Namo’s victory

Members of ST Morcha of Bharatiya Janata Party celebrated Narendra Modi’s victory in recently concluded Election-2014 under the leadership of ST Morcha General Secretary Haji Mohd. Ayub Betab.  The hurriedly arranged victory function was attended by several prominent members and leaders of ST Morcha including District President Ch. Bashir Ahmed Khatana, Gulam Rubani Dilda, Basharat Ali Khasna, Liyaqat Ali Khan graced the occasion.

Expressing happiness over the BJP’s victory, Haji Mohd. Ayub Betab, said that by defeating UPA government and Congress party in particular, a new history in Indian politics has been created as the country which was ruled by Congress for the last 60 years, will see rule of BJP under the stewardship of Narendra Modi who literally revolutionized the ocean of voters in entire country in his favour. Narendra Modi had widely toured and campaigned holding thousands of meetings and election addresses making the public aware of their right to vote and mischievous rule of Congress full of scams, misdeeds and treachery towards the innocent public of the country. During the black reign of the past one decade, Congress had  proved to be a blot on Indian Democracy as the party in question divided the people on caste and religion and falsely propagated against BJP as a communal party which now has proven wrong. Haji  Mohd. Ayub  BEtab said that the fake leaders who described BJP as a communal party should learn a lesson from the just concluded Parliamentary election wherein people have mandated BJP with thumping victory in favor of three candidates Jugal Kishore , Dr. Jitendra Singh and Thumpstun Cheewang. The members of ST Morcha had high folks and confidence on Narendra Modi who as Prime Minister of the country will revive the past glory of the country and take the nation to high echelons of prosperity in the future years to come. BJP ST Morcha General Secretary and his associated party  activists whole heartedly congratulated BJP MPs from Jammu and Ladakh and considered his victory as victory sign for winning coming assembly elections in the state.