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Causes of NC, Cong debacle deeper: Dr. Nirmal Singh

Scrapping of the new recruitment policy will not help the NC and Congress to restore the ground they have lost over the period, said today BJP National Executive Member & former State President Dr. Nirmal Singh while reacting to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statement that his government will correct wrongs to win back the trust of the alienated people of the state. He said the BJP had repeatedly warned that the irrational recruitment policy would boomerang as it had the potential of alienating the youth and added that the causes of the defeat of the ruling coalition are deeper.

Cataloguing the reasons responsible for the debacles of the NC and its ally, National Conference, Dr Nirmal Singh said trust deficit and governance deficit, besides corruption, mal-administration, arrogance and insensitivity, contributed to the collapse of the NC and the Congress. “The Omar Abdullah-led coalition government evolved and implemented policies which not only further embittered the already rather bitter inter-regional relations, but also offended the general masses. Instead of focusing on issues of governance and mitigating the hardships facing the people, he and his government wasted time and resources on non-issues. He had no time to redress the grievances of the people and ameliorating their lot as he wasted most of his time on Twitter and travel. Even in the assembly, he used to play games on his mobile,” said Dr Nirmal Singh.

Gone are the days when politicians would hoodwink and mislead the people and get votes, he further said, and added that only those politicians and political parties would survive which would work for the people and provide a clean, transparent, accountable and corruption-free administration and a government that would deliver. He asserted that the SP, the BSP, the RJD, the RLD, the DMK, the JDU and the Left parties were comprehensively defeated by the people because they had taken the people for granted. Dr Nirmal Singh said the BJP is the only party that is committed both to the people and the state and that was the reason that it won 282 seats on its own across the nation, including Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. He expressed the hope that the BJP will perform exceedingly well in the coming assembly elections and break all previous records. The agenda of the BJP is to form government in the State of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh on its own and it is based on the ground realities.