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Accession of Jammu and Kashmir with Dominion of India full and final; Pathania

To commemorate the Accession of Jammu and Kashmir State with the Dominion of India, Vichar Manch Ramnagar in liaison with BJP  unit of Ramnagar today organized an ex positive debate on the topic  ‘ “Accession of J & K with India is Full and Final” here at Natha Singh Park, Ramnagar in which besides workers from BJP,  intellectuals, prominent citizens, Educationists, Professionals from various walks of life and Students of various private and government schools participated.

The speakers presented a diverse rainbow of thoughts and opinions but they were unanimous on one point that Accession of Jammu Kashmir to the Dominion of India is ‘Full and Final’ and is in line with the aspirations, wishes and sentiments of People of Jammu and Kashmir.

While winding up the discussion on the matter in issue, Mr Ranbir Singh Pathania, MLA Ramnagar in his scintillating and thought provoking speech brought to light various legal, political, social, ethnic and geopolitical aspects  of the issue and dwelt in detail upon various niceties and nuances of the Instrument of Accession Signed by then Maharaja Sh Hari Singh Ji and said that only thing which is left behind is that the entire state of Jammu Kashmir including Karakoram and Aksiachen “comprising 84000 sq. Miles” should be brought under the ‘de-facto’ and ‘de-jure’ control of the Dominion of India. He further said that Pakistan and China should diplomatically be persuaded and pressurized to leave the illegal occupied portion of Jammu Kashmir.

Recalling the valour and sacrifices of Dogras, he said that in recent year’s mischief and conspiracies have been unfolded and plotted to undermine the Dogra Identity, history and splendor, however the fact remains that it was the Dogra forces who have fought valiantly and protected the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that 26th October- the Accession Day should be celebrated like a State Festival to commemorate and honor the sacrifices of Dogra soldiers and Wisdom of Maharja Hari Singh to accede Jammu and Kashmir with Dominion of India and with same pomp and pageantry as we celebrate 26th January– The  Republic Day and 15th  August -The Independence day.

The students namely Pankaj Rasyal, Anil Kumar, Mohit kharka, Anshika Abrol, Mega Sharma, participated in debate and presented their views. The proceedings were conducted by Kuldeep Sharma (Retd. ZEO) and prominent among those present and spoke on the occasion included Rajinder Sharma, Subash Sharma, M J Khan , Virender Singh, Dharamveer Gupta, Nand Mohtra, Capt Mohan Singh, Rattan Sharma, Surinder Kudyar, Jagmohan, Raj Gopal, Raguvir Sharma,  Raj kumar, Vimla Devi,Vijay Lakshmi ,Abrahim ,Shonku Kharka.