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Dhananjay Charak warm reception received at airport by Charak Biradari after winning 4th position at 8th WBPF “World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship which was held at Pattaya Thailand from 29th November to 5th December 2016. Biradari President Kr. Rajeev Charak, with other members of Biradari warm welcome Dhananjay and congratulate him on his tremendous winning. Rajeev said that it is matter of pride for the people of Jammu that the son from its soil feels Jammu and especially India proud in the whole world. Rajeev that God may bless every family with talented child so that he/she may feel proud of their Parents, Country, State & City too. Rajeev added that he appeal to State & Centre Government to give full support to such young talented players & he especially appeal State Government to give full support to Young players of Jammu as the land of Jammu is very much fertile to give birth to talented youngsters but they lack in sports due to non availability of financial services and aid from the government. He simply appeals Government to promote Sport Activities in State so that our talented youth move forward and feel our State Proud. Dhananjay’s father Jasvir Singh thanked everyone who supported his son and he especially thanked president of biradari Kr. Rajeev Charak by saying that Rajeev is very down to earth, he always stand with the needy peoples and always ready to help others in all swings weather to promote young talents or any other aid. Jasvir also added that with the help of Kr. Rajeev Charak, they are able to interact with DyCM Nirmal Singh Ji who assured them financial assistance by Government. Dhananjay father said he is not able to provide every type of assistance to his child but he provide as much as his pocket allows him. He also added that earlier Dhananjay was known by his name and now he is known by the name of Dhananjay which fells him proud to have a son like Dhananjay. Dhananjay said he has full support from his family in fulfilling his dream. He added competition is very tuff, around 50 countries participated in championship and he feels very proud of himself that he has won 4th rank for India. He thanked everyone who supports him and come to cheer him for tremendous winning. Prominent who were present on the occasion Anuradha Charak, Varinder Jeet Sing, Deepak Gupta, Ishant Gupta, Rahul Gupta, Rakshak Gupta, Mandeep Sharma, Jagdev Singh, Prithvi Singh, Gorav Sharma, Raghunandan Charak & others.