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Forces behind Kashmir trouble be investigated, prosecuted: Sethi

Violence in Kashmir in recent months which was engineered by anti-national forces from across the border and their supporters and stooges inside the border leading to destruction of public properties, unfortunate deaths of scores of people, injuries including grievous to many persons and disruption of life has put the living of common man in trouble and it will take time for everything to come back to track and people to recover from losses, monetary as well as psychological because of recent violence .

Sunil Sethi Chief Spokesperson of State Bharatiya Janata Party said in a statement that with situation largely under control now, it is right time for govt to direct an enquiry by Retd. Judge of High Court to identify the forces which were responsible for causing the trouble and to suggest measures to be taken to stop reoccurring of such incidents in future. The forces found involved in causing trouble in Valley and elsewhere should be properly investigated and prosecuted to ensure punishment to guilty under law of land to set example and to create deterrence.

Unless the culprits and trouble makers are brought to books and strict action taken against them, the incidents like this revisiting can’t be ruled out as has happened in the past. The role of political elements and so called social workers should also be put to scrutiny as none is above law and protecting life and properties of public is foremost duty of govt. These types of troubles are not acceptable in any system of governance and has to be dealt with heavy hands so that common man can live in peace.

Sunil Sethi further said that demonetization has already broken the backbone of financial support to trouble makers and separatists and their capacity to hire stone pelters has become nonexistent and its right time to destroy the culture of terror and trouble for all times to come to give hope to peace loving citizens of this great country living in Kashmir of living in peace with their families and without fear of violence.

Sunil Sethi welcomed grant of Residents Certificate to West Pakistan Refugees living in state who have got identity after struggle of so many decades. Govt. of BJP and PDP has taken first step in doing justice to them which was long due and their birth right. He said many more things are required to be done for their benefits within Constitution to address their demands and remove all troubles from their lives so that feeling of Nationals without Nation is taken away.