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Geelani instigating Kashmiri youth for his personnel gains: Baba

Geelani has exploited the honour of a young Kashmiri Muslim Girl of Handwara to meet his Hartal/Bandh agenda.
This was claimed by BJP state working committee member Parveen Baba in a statement issued here today.
As per his statement, Baba said that for last many years Geelani has not only emotionally blackmailed Kashmiris but has also abetted the grave crime of Instigating young Kashmiri boys and girls to rise against the state.
It is high time that he stops Hartal politics. If bandhs or Hartals satisfy his desire to be in limelight. He is suggested to do this activity on Sunday so that people are not deprived of earning their livelihood.
Kashmiris have now understood what he stands for and what has he done for Kashmiris all the years except emotionally trapping young, poor and creating circumstances that precious Kashmiri lives are lost. Kashmiris hence forth will not be enticed by his Hartal calls will he meet the needs of those whose Mandays are lost because of Hartals.
Will he compensate those killed or will he request the Govt. of J&K or Govt. of India to do the needful.