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NEET Issue: Brig Gupta refutes allegations made by Abdullahs

Brig Anil Gupta has refuted the allegations made by Dr Farooq Abdullah that the extention of NEET to J&K will be detrimental to the interests of the students from the state and will put their future in peril. He accused Dr Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah of playing to the galleries and misleading the innocent youth of the state by linking NEET with erosion of the special status of the state. Dr Abdullah’s statement that it would rob the female students of the 50% reservation is also untrue and aimed at creating unnecessary misunderstanding in the young minds who are already agitated due to the non-performance of the previous government led by his son. Another false statement made by Dr Abdullah is that our students will have to compete at national level for the different reserved quota for admission in the medical colleges of the state.
Brig Gupta said that honourable Supreme Court of India has endorsed the special Status of the state enjoyed by virtue of its special constitutional and legal position. The bench hearing the case has categorically stated that only permanent residents of the state shall be eligible for admission to medical colleges in J&K. Allaying all fears the honourable bench has further stated that the reservations shall be as per the State Reservation Act and women would continue to get 50% reservation as enshrined in the reservation Act. The Court has also clarified that state wise merit list will be prepared based on the marks secured in the NEET and respective states will conduct counseling for their medical colleges. “It is therefore crystal clear that conduct of NEET in no way will harm the interests of the students of our state but will bring an end to the alleged dubious role played by the JK Board of Professional Entrance Exam and will bring cheers to the hard working and deserving aspirants belonging to all the three regions of the state. The merit list will be based on the marks secured in NEET and as per the existing State Reservation Act. It is a win-win situation for all” according to Brig Gupta.