During Congress regime, corruption was accepted as part of system: Sethi

India has seen unprecedented progress and economical stability during 2 years regime of Narendra Modi Govt and the public is appreciative of the achievements of the government . This was stated in press release by Bharatiya Janta Party State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi.
Sethi said that the personal untiring efforts of Honble Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the last two years and vast touring he has undertaken to large countries of the world, has brought rich dividends in the shape of foreign investments and improving of world rating of Indian economy . Simplification of investment procedures and discouragement of red tapism has helped stabilizing economy of the country and improving general living standards.
Sunil Sethi further noted that number of schemes initiated by the central govt for the welfare of masses has taken the desired benefits to the intending masses and the country is ushering in new era of equitable growth and stability. Modi govt has lived to its poll promise of development of all . He further said that the govt is only two years old and has done for the betterment of country which Congress couldn’t do in decades of being in govt.Sunil Sethi said that the biggest achievement of the Modi Govt is to provide corruption free governance to the country , when there is no allegations of corruption against any minister, despite spending more money for public than ever before . During Congress regime, corruption was accepted as part of system and people had stopped believing that there can be govt without corruption. Modi govt has restored confidence of common man on the system and now India is changing in society with no tolerance for corruption . All ministers of Modi govt have led by personal examples in this regard .
He said the relation with neighbouring countries have also improved without compromises and the strong foreign policy has led to lasting peace in the region. The acts of violence and terrorism are being dealt with strong hands to instill confidence of masses in peace in the country
Sunil Sethi congratulated the central govt for good governance being provided to the country and the beneficial measures having been taken in last 2 years for welfare of people of the state.