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Opposition against PRA for sake of opposition: BJP

The furore raised by leaders of opposition parties over recent amendment in J&K Panchayati Raj Act (PRA) is nothing but criticism merely for the sake of opposition. They are up in arms against this amendment without giving a thought to this concept envisaged after a considerate thought by the incumbent alliance government in the state. This was stated by the State BJP Spokesperson Balbir Rattan Ram, while commenting on loud noises made by the opposition on the issue.
Elaborating on the reason that necessitated this step, the Spokesperson contended that by introducing amendment in the Panchayati Raj Act, the present BJP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir has brought uniformity in democratic institutions at all levels. He charged the opposition parties of misleading and playing politics on the issue and displaying the cheapest kind of politics, which he said, is very unfortunate and unhealthy for the democratic system of the country. It is more like an obstructionist approach rather than understanding its basic concept, he added.
Balbir Ram Rattan said that much hue and cry being made by the Congress, NC and Panthers Party is unjustified and indicates that these parties do not recognize the democratic set up of the country and rejects the present system, under which the democracy at the lowest level is made to flourish without any bias or prejudice.
“Before going on streets and opposing the amendment, it would have been better had any of the leader of these parties gone through the concept behind the amendment, Balbir said adding that it is on pattern of the system applicable for electing Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, MLCs, Heads of Corporations, Councils and Committees, which are the examples of true democracy. Under this set up, MPs elect Prime Minister, MLAs elect Chief Minister, Corporators elect Mayor and so on. Now with amendment in PRA, the Panches will have the right to elect Sarpanch and there is nothing wrong in it.
Criticizing the approach of opposition parties, Balbir advised that instead of indulging in opposition for the sake of opposition, which only displays deep frustration of Congress, NC and Panthers for their political survival, these parties ought to raise issues which really effect the people and the government welcomes the health criticism.