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PM Modi to address BJP’s public rally on April 02: Sat

BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, alongwith State General Secretaries Pawan Khajuria and Harinder Gupta, chaired a meeting of Ministers, District Prabharis, District President and Morcha State Presidents to discuss the arrangements for organizing a massive public rally at Udhampur on April 02 to be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The meeting held thread bare discussions on venue of the rally, mobilization of public to come listen to the Prime Minister, provision of public conveniences, transportation, etc.
Sat Sharma, while addressing the meeting, said that Asia’s biggest tunnel “Nashri Tunnel” has been constructed in Chenani, falling in Udhampur district, which will lessen the travel by two hours and prove to be of great importance for the state. The tunnel will be inaugurated and dedicated to the people by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 02. The party as well as people of the state, Jammu province in particular, would reach Udhampur on the day and take part in a massive rally to convey their gratitude to Prime Minister for inaugurating the tunnel.
“The BJP has planned to organize a massive public rally to celebrate the historic moment of the inauguration of the tunnel and express gratitude to the Prime Minister for dedicating the prestigious tunnel to the public”. He said that today the people want to listen Narendra Modi as they consider him the tallest leader of India, who has pain and concern for the common citizen. He asked the invitees in the meeting to ensure maximum participation of the people.
Besides State Office bearers, District Prabharis, District and Morcha Presidents, the meeting was also attended by Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, MLAs, Vice-Chairpersons.