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Ramesh Arora MLC Visited Dental Hospital

Ramesh Arora MLC Visited Dental Hospital and met with staff members including superintendent hospital and other technical staff. It was noticed that two machines named as metal casting machine and post lane furnace are meant to prepare crowns are not functioning for the last two years and the same are not utilized. It was painful to note that Two metal casting machines were purchased ten year back in dental hospital Jammu. One machine is not functional from two year the other was not used for ten year from the date of its purchase. MLC took serious note of the matter and advised to utilize the unused machine for the public benefit because coalition Government is working for welfare of general public and casual and callous approach is not acceptable. The matter was also brought into the notice of concerned ministry.

A delegation of technical staff also met with the MLC and apprise them about their problems and it was also noticed that one electrician is working on same pay scale and grade and without further classification of promotion or enhancement of grade. Arora assured that matter will be taken up for creating hierarchy of promotion or revision of grade because a public servant cannot suffer due to non formation of policy/rules and regulations.

It was also found that more chairs are required for the utilization of the doctors and asked the concerned superintendent to raise demand. Technical staff is required to run the machines because contractual period is going to expire within two three months and it will become more difficult to run the machines.

Arora also discussed the issue of non functioning of CAT Scanning Machine and X-Ray machine in Government Medical collage with concerned superintendent telephonic-ally  who assured that steps are taken to do the needful and they will make them functional as early as possible. Although it is good that burden of CAT Scanning was shifted to CD Hospital Machine which was made functional on the pursuation of MLC Arora.

It is further noticed that two machines called as” agitator” are not working in the SMGS Hospital which are meant to keep platelet hence in spite of technical staff platelet could not be prepared . he apprised and asked superintendent Dara Singh to do the needful as public sector especially health sector is of paramount consideration for the government and the administration is duty bound to do their best and superintendent also assured that needful be done with in short span and issued instructions .

  Our Government is committed to provide basic facilities being a socio-welfare state and legally also we are duty bound to provide basic necessities of life as enshrined under the constitution