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RS 32,0000 distributed by Sofi Yousuf from CDF, vows for prosperity of South-Kashmir Anantnag

BJP senior leader and MLC Sofi Yousuf  distributed Rs 32,0000 among constituency presidents of south kashmir for the development of the people.
The amount was distributed among all the presidents that is numbered as sixteen.
Sofi while talking with reporters on the sidelines of the event termed the initiative as a “reach out program.”
“The main vision of the distributing this amount is aimed to reach out all corners of the south-kashmir so that all the woes faced by the people will be waved off,” he said.
While stating that common people suffer he said “being son of layman I know the hardships taken by the people, I am even aware of how people are being exploited”
Sofi said that, He could have spent the distributed amount for his personal use, as politicians are doing it from decades.
“But I care for people” and I have showed it many times also.
People need help they should not be browbeaten, he said, I have given my word to those people who have been badly hit by unrest of the valley and “it’s my duty to bring those youngsters in mainstream so that they will be able to showcase their talents.
Sofi vowed that he will continue to strife and will ensure that the people particularly the youngsters and brought back from the alienation and shown righteous path.
“We are living in democracy and every single individual has right to live a dignified life,” he said “but it is we lawmakers who are responsible to ensure the same on ground.”