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Sat Sharma provides Ambulance to Sarwal Hospital through CDF

With a vision to provide every possible facility to the residents of Jammu West at their doorsteps,BJP State President and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) sanctioned an amount of Rupees 4,05,856 through his CDF (constituency Development Fund) scheme for purchasing Maruti Eco Ambulance for Sarwal Hospital. Medical Superintendent, Hospital staff, local residents and political activists were also present on the occasion when Sharma handed over the CDF letter to the authorities.

Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that it is his prime duty to provide every possible service to the masses of his Constituency and the Ambulance provided to the hospital will be used for catering with the needs of the patients of other areas also so that anyone could avail the new service which will be started soon by the Hospital.

He said that our State is progressing day by day in many sectors including Health and providing and Eco Ambulance is an initiative in this regard. He also said that earlier Hospital had only one ambulance and by bringing in another, the work load will surely get divided and it will be easy for the authorities to deal with other patients as well seeking the need of an ambulance.

He stated that by this initiative public will be benefitted at large and it will be seen that in the coming days, the Hospital is being provided with some latest tech equipments as well so that major tests could also be performed here.

Dr Renu Sharma Medical Superintendent, Dr Raj Rishi Surgeon, Dr Balwinder Singh MO, Dr Rajkumari, Sanjeev Sharma, Deepak Kumar, Rakesh Mahajan, Rohit Kumar, Santosh, Puneet Mahajan, Onkar Singh Bose, Atul Bakshi, Ankush Sharma and several others were also present on the occasion.