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Sat Sharma terms Jammu and Kashmir’s accession as full, also hits out at illegal immigrants

While discussing the grants of Home Mnistry and Tourism department, During the ongoing Assembly session, BJP State President and MLA JAMMU WEST Sat Sharma (CA) focussed on important points concerning State’s security and termed Jammu and Kashmir’s accession with INDIA as full.

He said that INDIA attained independence in the year 1947 and more than 500 princely states were merged with India including our State. He said some people say State is acceded and some say it’s merged but BJP believes that J&K is and will always be an integral part of India. He also waved original copies of Instrument of Accesion in the house.

Focussing on terror related incidents in the State, Sharma stated that during the year 2008, 90 soldiers achieved martyrdom, the figures were 78 in 2009, 61 in 2013, 51 in 2014 and at time Congress led UPA Government was in Centre and in the State it had a coalition Government with National Conference. The figures were 41 & 84 in 2015 &2016. He Stated that there is a lot of difference between then and now. During the regime of Congress and NC, ONLY TALKS AND TABLE CONFERNCES were held but it was an aggressive and nationalist attitude of Narendra Modi led BJP Government which destroyed majority of terror camps at POJK resulting into killings of dozens of militants after URI attack and this is the difference between them and us that we don’t wait for more attacks and table conferences.

Lasting out at some members, he said that some have said that security persons have died but the appeopriate word which must be used by everyone is that they have achieved martyrdom for their motherland and please do not try to demoralise them.

Sharma also Stated the positive aspects of Demonetiation in the State and said that it has a long term effect on India’s economy. He said it has created problems for only those people who ha e excess of Black Money and that is the reason they are protesting against it. He stated that it has completely affected terrorism in the State and has also placed halt on inflow of duplicate currency in the country and whole nation lauds PM’s historic decision on Demonetization.

Focussing on the problem of illegal immigrants in the State, he said that thousands of illegal immigrants in the shape of Bangladeshi’s and Rohingyas ( Burmese) have been living in the State especially Jammu for several years and 17 FIR’s including criminal cases have also been registered against them which is a critical issue and Government must focus on the same seriously as such people could also be dangerous in coming times for residents of our State. He also asked Government to put a vigil on organisations which are funding them.

Sharma also mentioned that CDF should also be doubled as well so that more developmental works could be taken in the areas of the respective MLA’s.

He also suggested Police Reforms Act should be adopted just like many other States so that
working of the Police in StAte could improve and modernisation could be brought in the department.

The BJP MLA also said that institutions like SVC, SAC, SIC, SVO should be streamlined and made fullying functional and if we want a corruption free State, these departments must be given independence in their working system without any outside interference.