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Omar desperate for political mileage from monstrous crime: Brig. Gupta

“Former CM & sitting MLA Omar Abdullah must decide what he believes, before he sermonizes” said J&K BJP State Spokesperson Brig. (Retd.) Anil Gupta.

Gupta was responding to a tweet by Omar Abdullah, in which the latter almost accused the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of prejudice. Gupta said that it is rather important to see that the person who is trying to make political ground by fiddling into the sensitive matters like rape. “Political mileage from monstrous crime”, Gupta alleged.

Gupta said that it is indeed a matter of shame, as the society irrespective of political affiliations must stand univocally against the grave sin and rather demand highly professional attitude in putting the culprits behind the bars.

Gupta said that Omar Abdullah has taken oath of Constitution and having this sarcastic attitude for a Central Agency for manufacturing attack on competitor political party on a sensitive issue, is a new depth of disgrace. He also said during the earlier times Abdullah did not reflect no such anger while he was in power and enjoying all luxuries. He said that Omar knows that CBI is also investigating the JKCA scam involving the senior Abdullah. He is possibly trying to malign the CBI with intent to question it’s finding in the JKCA scam, lamented Brig. Gupta.

Gupta said that rather it should be welcomed that a premier Central Agency is being given entry into the case to ensure that justice prevails. He warned that it has become the habit of certain persons to fiddle with sensitive issues sometimes tactical and other times social which often lead to the grave situations.

Gupta also targeted some valley based so called intellectuals and political leaders for a desperate bid to give communal colour to the heinous crime. Gupta alleged that dividing on the communal and regional lines and cultivating profit has remained the character of some double faceted people. He further said that certain vested interests have become judgemental even before the court verdict is out conceptualizing hypothetical situation which goes in accordance with their very own ultier motives.