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Turned irrelevant, Karra making false statements: Sunil Sethi

Former Member of Parliament Tariq Hamid Karra has taken resort to falsehood propaganda to remain in circulation and limelight for political gains. His statement of offer of Bharatiya Janata Party to become Chief Minister of the state is white lie without any base, said Chief Spokesperson of State Bharatiya Janata Party Sunil Sethi.

He further said that after coming out of People Democratic Party and resigning from Parliament Mr. Karra is finding no taker and has become politically irrelevant and as such wish to ride on gimmicks and false statements to give semblance of still being some one important.

Sunil Sethi said that Bharatiya Janata Party is running smooth and stable coalition with PDP on common governance  agenda for the benefit of public of the state and in compliance to mandate given in elections and Bharatiya Janata Party always stand by principles in politics . Expectations of Mr. Karra having not met by his party, he was trying to find excuse to go out of party . He jumped on bandwagon of Hurriyat and its sympathizers in wake of disturbances in Kashmir but is now realizing his mistake and making irresponsible statements .

Bharatiya Janata Party also asks Mr. Karra to desist from making false statements and claims by recklessly involving name of BJP and should involve himself in constructive politics with principles and for welfare of masses instead of cheap publicity stunts.